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After several years of staying the same, we are starting to make some major changes in our paddles.  I will keep this page up to date with our progress.

Changes? Lets start out with the cruiser series of canoe paddles according to the paddle testers so far one of  the best straight shaft canoe paddles ever made.  The Whitewater kayak paddles have gotten symmetrical blades, there might just be a trend here.

This is  my first attempt a making a website so we are very open to comments and improvement suggestions.   That doesnít mean that Iím capable of implementing them.

This is the most up to date information  we have, almost all of it is updates to our brochures.  Feel free to print the information from the site, we will be happy to send you information if you put your address on an email to us, just be forewarned that it will not contain any more information than on the site.


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