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The Loon


LoonThe LOON is a handsome straight-shaft touring paddle for the discriminating paddler.  It is designed for moderate duty up through class II whitewater and the occasional class III.

I had quit making the LOON for a couple of years as there appeared to be no interest, but neglected to take it off the web site.  Then the circle came around again and people started wanting just a very good, lightweight, durable paddle with a smaller blade than the Honey Island Cruisers and Gemini's.  So I resurrected it in its new form.  Same blade shape, better grip, full Dynel edges, fiberglass wrap on the shaft, just an all around nice general-purpose paddle.  In this process I also managed to drop about an ounce or so of weight.

I have made this paddle for many years with a variety of grips and blade constructions.  I have repaired some that were over 30 years old The fiberglass tips were worn thru and one had the cedar edge nicked up.  I rebuilt the tips using Dynel, the nicked up one got full Dynel edging and both were reglassed, then refinished, and they say that wood paddles are not durable..


The blade is 8-1/2” by 20” with fairly strong shoulders and rounded tips.  The wood is book matched Western Cedar which provides the light weight with Dynel edges and fiberglass sheeting.  Rather than being the more fragile knife edges of the Gemini paddles, the LOON blade is slightly thicker to increase durability.  The shaft is a 5 layer laminate with three layers of cedar sandwiched by two strips of black willow.  The shaft has a fiberglass shaft sleeve that is 14” long as the cedar is quite tender and I haven't seen anyone not whack the gunnel from time to time.  The hand formed grip is similar to my Gemini grip which is a football shaped version  of the classic Canadian palm grip to maximize control and power.

GripAltogether the LOON is great combination of light weight, durability and performance.

        **Average weight is 22 oz
**Lengths- 50”-60” in 1” increments

        Price:  $205, shipping in the continental US normally is about $15-$20

Please note that new paddles will not have a veneer cross tip.  I have basically run out of veneer and am not planning on purchasing another 15 year supply.  Twenty five years ago the veneer, which was much thicker at the time did provide additional structural strength and caged the tip.  It is now purely cosmetic, the dynel tip and fiberglass provide the necessary strength and stiffness.

This paddle is very customizable.  For additional toughness for expedition use I can use 4 oz fiberglass. I can substitute my asymmetrical T grip  or a symmetrical one from the whitewater canoe paddles.  I could also change over to a 4 piece hollow core paddle shaft that would give a weight reduction of 1-2 oz.   Please call If you would like to make any changes and we'll talk about it.

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