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New Project 1

Cricket Designs
Canoe and Kayak Paddles and CNC Wood Carving
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I am making a new website and it will take a while.  I put this page out so if you are looking for paddles I'm still here.  I can make all the old paddles:
Loon, Northwoods, Gemini, Honey Island Cruisers, Whitewater Curve Canoe and tulip Kayak, the Inuit is no longer available due to material availabilty.  All touring kayak paddles must be TAP variety unless we can make arrangements to have it picked up due to shipping cost.  To contact me please send an email to:    I will get back to you.  I haven't posted a phone number as most of the calls we get are robo calls so we don't answer unless we recognize the phone number.   Happy Paddling

 Please excuse, I obviously i have a lengthy learning curve for this.
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