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The ArcticSpoon and the MiniSpoon are my two Eurostyle touring kayak paddles.

The ArcticSpoon is touring paddle blade is 6” by 20.5” long –a size that is popular for cruising.  It is a large enough blade to provide power to battle headwinds and braces well in the waves, yet the blade enters the water quietly and smoothly.  Longer versions of this paddle (250 and 260 cm) have frequently been used by folks in large folding kayaks or paddling canoes.  Typical weights for a 220 one-piece is 32 oz.

ArticSpoon Standard

Lengths and Construction:  The most popular size these days is 220 cm.  It used to be 230 and 240, but times have changed.  I have custom made them in lengths from 206 cm to 245 cm in one piece and up to 260cm as a TAP (take-a-part).    Any paddle over 230 should be a TAP as the shipping charges just get ridiculous.  The standard ArcticSpoon has book matched western cedar blades edged in dynel that makes the blade as tough as any composite.  The blade is sheathed in fiberglass  and epoxy before varnishing.  The shaft can be made in either as standard duty 5-piece cedar and willow construction or  in an EXPEDITION grade 4-piece hollow core cedar and ash.  More aggressive paddlers will prefer the stiffer shaft of the ash construction.  I have also added  a partial length fiberglass wrap applied to the center section of the shaft  to prevent the soft cedar core from becoming dented when using the paddle for support when entering  the boat.  Every carbon fiber shaft paddle I have picked up has too stiff a shaft.  That is not good for your shoulder and elbow joints.  There may be some good ones out there but I haven't seen them.

The MiniSpoon has a smaller 5” by 19.5” blade which is much more popular with us older paddlers looking to reduce the strain on elbows and shoulders.  It is also somewhat lighter and has a much lower swing weight making it an almost effortless paddle to use.  Typical weights are under 30 oz.  Interestingly, the folks who are guides will choose the Minispoon over the ArcticSpoon as they paddle well enough to keep up with their clients, and the smaller blade is much more gentle on their joints.

Lengths and Construction:  Most of the touring kayak paddles  have been in the 215cm to 220cm length.  The shaft is made of of 3 pieces of cedar and two of black willow which means it will be more flexible.  If you want a longer length or a stiffer one we'll have to talk about the shaft construction.  Blade construction and reinforcing are the same as for the ArcticSpoon.

A couple of notes here, some of the pictures show a veneer tip cover. These are no longer being supplied as it is does not provide any structural strength and I have run out  and cannot see buying another 15 year supply while considering retirement.  I use a carbon fiber ferule TAP joint system with set holes at 60L-0-60R,  I tried the carbon fiber ones and and found them inferior in strength  and durability at a higher cost, but alas the fiber glass ones are now no longer available so I have new ones that are better structurally at a somewhat higher cost

Paddle Sizing:  The correct sizing for spoon blade paddles is getting easier.  I've seen many explanations and none seem to coincide with what we actually ship.  By far the most popular size for both men and women is 220 cm.

My general conclusion is that for average size people and up 220cm seems to be the best length, although if you paddle a large double up to a 240cm might be more appropriate.  For smaller and older folks a 220 is probably the maximum length.  I have made them from 214cm  up to 260cm  so anything is possible. 

For you canoeists using double blades, in a skinny, low boat at 240cm would be the minimum and for more traditional 34” - 36” wide boats a 245cm up to 260cm is probably best.

My longest one piece paddle is 240cm due to space limitations in the shop.  Shipping on anything over 225cm is getting ridiculously expensive.


                                    ArcticSpoon               $275

                                    ArcticSpoon HD        $300

                                    MiniSpoon                 $275

                                    Add for TAP             $35

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