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Cricket Designs
17530 W. Hwy 50
Salida, CO 81201

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About Us

When you call Cricket Designs, you are guaranteed personal service from one of the owners:  Mike or Pat Jones-- we are the sum total of the business.  Mike works out of the 2000 square foot shop built behind our home on the edge of the San Isabel National Forest, west of Salida Colorado.

We are both becoming semi-retired at this point ie: we work when we are home. Plus taking care of the house, gardens both flower and vegetable, and her continual landscaping improvements.  Mike handles all the paddle work.   After thirty years of building paddles primarily from western cedar, Mike is becoming very sensitized to the oils in the cedar and needs to work with high levels of ventilation. Therefore he doesn't really like to build many in the winter.  For the past few years much of the winter has been spent adventuring in Mexico.  But we are here in the mountains in the spring, summer and fall boating primarily on the Arkansas River which is just a few miles away, with time out to visit the grandchildren and get back to the lovely canoeing streams of the Ozarks where we began canoeing so many years ago.

Out here on the edge of the woods, we have all the typical wildlife, elk, deer, bears and the not-entirely-welcome occansional mountain lion.  We also have the bane of our mountain living: the worlds supply of voles tearing up the gardens, plus mice and pack rats that can get into everything.

Mike is a mechanical engineer by trade who worked primarily in construction and project management for NREL, the government lab for renewable energy.  Besides paddles, he designs house foundations for a couple of local contractors and helps a local crane company on some of their projects.  Pat has a degree in journalism and worked as an assistant food editor for the St. Louis Post Dispatch before moving west , then as a writer and newsletter editor before retiring.


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